Whether meticulously lighting a product with a manufacturing client in a Melbourne studio, filming in a restaurant kitchen, capturing the real emotional story of wedding, resourcefully lighting a web commercial or setting up for a huge dramatic scene involving truckloads of gear and scores of people…. Chris is constantly focused on creating engaging and delightful images that please him and the people he’s working for.

Chris Magee was born in Rangoon, Burma where his parents were American diplomats. After a childhood in Hong Kong he was sent to the United States for schooling that culminated with an honours degree in Broadcasting and Film at Boston University. Chris spent 20 years working as a cinematographer in film and television production while based in Los Angeles. He’s worked around the world shooting commercials, documentaries, music videos and a feature film, in places as diverse as France, Argentina, Australia, Thailand, India, South Africa, the UK and the US.

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Chris, and his two gifted adopted daughters currently live in Victoria, Australia.